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Stacked Laundry

Space constraint? The best way to save space in the laundry room is to opt for this unit that combines the washer at the bottom and the dryer at the top.

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GE Spacemaker® Laundry Stack Rack Accessory
  • CAD $139.00
  • Availability: In stock
Unitized Spacemaker washer / dryer 27" GE stainless steel tub diamond grey open box
  • CAD $1,579.00
  • Availability: In process of supply
Unitized Spacemaker washer / dryer GE 24" new open box
  • CAD $1,449.00
    CAD $1,349.00
    7% discount
  • Availability: In stock
Unitized spacemark washer / dryer 27'' GE new open box
  • CAD $1,549.00
    CAD $1,299.00
    17% discount
  • Availability: In stock

Choose from our wide selection of washer/dryers: stacked, front or top loading, large capacity, etc. Take advantage of RVDupuis expertise in your Montreal store! 40 years of expertise.