Which payment methods do you accept?
When you make an online purchase, we accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. In store, we accept in addition to those mentioned above, cash payment, gift cards Appareils RV Dupuis and as well debit payment (Interac). 

Where can I get gift cards?
Gift cards are available in stores for the amount of your choice. Please visit our Contact Us page to request it.

Can I be notified when an item is out of stock?
Yes we can notify you by email as soon as an item is back in stock. Just click the "Notify me" box. This feature is reserved for site users. If you do not see the "Notify Me" box, please login or create your account.

Can I cancel my order?
Orders are considered final sales. Fees may apply to cancel your order. To find out if your order can be canceled please contact our customer service as soon as possible.

I do not see your used appliances on your site.  Do you still sell used / refurbished equipment?
Yes of course! The inventory of our used equipment is very variable and changes quickly. At the moment we do not offer the purchase of used / refurbished appliances on our Online Shop.
Please visit our branch at 1551 Laurier East (Corner Fabre)


Is there a guarantee for the purchased goods?
All our new, unpacked or lightly used devices are covered by the manufacturer's basic warranty. You can also purchase our "Guardian Angel" protections, available in stores for new, slightly damaged or lightly used appliances. For these devices if the price is higher than 1000 $ we TRIPLE THE GUARANTEE OF MANUFACTURER!!!
Our used equipment is 100% covered by a 1-year parts, labor and travel warranty.
For Excelsior branded products, we offer our 30-day risk-free guarantee. Treat it or your money back! No restocking fee.
All spare parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of 90 days.


Is the delivery service free and available everywhere? What are my delivery options?
We offer delivery in the majority of regions throughout Quebec. Delivery days vary depending on your location. Contact our customer service to check if the day you want is available for delivery in your area For parts and cleaning products a shipping service is also possible thanks to our partnership with Canada Post.

When can I expect delivery of my devices?
Delivery time for appliances in inventory varies between 2 to 5 business days. For devices in inventory at our suppliers our delivery times generally vary between 5 to 7 working days. As soon as the goods are available in stock, our staff will contact you to schedule a delivery date. For online purchases it is possible to include shipping instructions and a required date in the "Order Information" section when placing the order.

How can I check the status of my order?
As soon as your order is ready for delivery we will contact you to schedule a delivery date.
At the time of purchase or when confirming your delivery date we will send you a first message (sms or email) to track the progress of your order with our application "CigoTracker". Use the external link included in this message to track the status of your order until delivery.
If you have any other questions regarding the status of your order, we recommend that you contact one of our customer service agents by visiting the Contact Us page to help you keep track of your order.

Is it possible to track the delivery of my appliances?
Nothing is easier thanks to our "CigoTracker" application.
If you know your access code please click here.
For more details, please go to the Our Delivery Services page or our Contact Us page

My delivery date has been confirmed and the status of my order indicates "Pending". Is this normal?
This means that your delivery has been added to our delivery management application but has not yet been assigned to an operator. As soon as our carrier has completed the delivery planning, the status will be changed to "Scheduled". Scheduling of deliveries is normally done the day before your delivery between 16h and 18h.
If the day of your delivery the status of your order indicates "Pending" we invite you to contact our customer service as soon as possible.

Is the delivered goods unpacked?
Our delivery men will unpack the goods, except the items that need to be assembled. We can pick up old appliances if the request is made at the time of purchase. To know all the delivery terms and benefits of an impeccable service consult the section '' Delivery ''

Do you offer installation services?
We offer, in our local delivery areas, the installation service for electric and gas washers, dryers, superimposed laundry units and gas ranges at very competitive prices.
There is an additional charge for moving / removing appliances, overlaying / disabling front-end laundry appliances or installing pedestals.

We can also reverse the doors for free; provided you request it at the time of purchase (Certain conditions apply).
We invite you to contact our customer service for further details.

Can you pick up my old appliances when you deliver the new ones?
Yes we can leave with your old devices for a fee of $ 15 per device. The device to be released must be of the same type and size as the one purchased.

Additional fees apply for moving appliances, stacking support assembly, stacking and de-stacking of front-end laundry appliances and installation of pedestals.
If you have paid for the removal of your old appliances, please ensure that all of the following are complete

BEFORE your delivery:
-The appliances must be disconnected from all water, electricity and gas connections and emptied.
-The stacked front laundry appliances will have to be de-stacked

We do not uninstall pedestals. If you choose to keep them, make sure they are uninstalled BEFORE delivery. Our deliverers cannot install new devices on your old pedestals.