What we will do for you


At the time of purchase we will send you a first message (sms or email) to confirm the delivery date you have previously chosen. From 18h, the day before your delivery, you will be able to know the following information:

  • Your time block
  • The number of deliveries before you
  • Distance AND travel time between your home and the delivery in front of you

This information will be communicated to you via our CigoTracker application. Our delivery team will contact you by phone between 15-20 min before arriving at your home

Setting up
The delivery team unpacks, sets up and plugs (plug in) your new appliance, after which it ensures its proper operation and ensures that it is not damaged.

Connecting your new appliance
Deliverymen are not certified technicians (carpenter, plumber or electrician). All power outlets, water and gas shutoff valves and cabinets must be accessible and compliant at time of delivery to make connections.

Additional service options (applicable fees) *
The removal of your old appliance (including relocation or relocation), stacking or de-stacking of stackable units and washer / dryer installation are possible. These additional service options and installation packages must be reserved and paid no later than 48 hours BEFORE your delivery. For online purchases be sure to add service options and / or installation packages to your cart at the time of purchase.
For more information; check with a store associate. All additional service options and installation packages not used and / or canceled less than 24 hours prior to delivery ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND WILL NOT BE CREDITED

The delivery team will dispose of the packaging. It will also move or remove any appliances that have been replaced (if you have opted for such a service when ordering). All devices recovered during delivery that can not be revalued will be sent to a recycling yard so that plastics and metals are recycled.

* Some appliances may not be installed by our delivery team and / or are subject to shipping restrictions.


To ensure an impeccable delivery

Measure twice
See the "Features" section of the chosen appliance to make sure its dimensions fit the future location.
Measure the entrances, corridors and stairs to be crossed during delivery to ensure that their width is sufficient to carry the chosen appliances.

Path to the designated location
Ensure that the path to the designated location is clear and free of obstacles (eg snow, ice, furniture, debris). Be sure to eliminate any potential obstacles, including carpets, furniture and personal items.

Do not forget
Do not forget to unplug and empty any existing appliances that we will need to remove.
An adult (18 years old and over) must be present at the time of delivery to sign the confirmation of receipt of the appliances.
Book your lift
Be sure to get a new service kit for each appliance purchased. The delivery team does not have parts for this purpose and is not allowed to use the existing connection parts when installing an appliance.


When an appliance is defective or damaged during delivery, the delivery team must take it back
If you notice that the appliances are damaged once the delivery is complete, please notify us within 48 hours of delivery. Call the number listed at the top of your order document.

Our Installation Packages

Appliance (s) TO GO OUT
  • CAD $15.00
Washer Installation Package
  • CAD $17.00
Dryer Installation Package
  • CAD $20.00
Washer - Dryer installation & Stacking Package
  • CAD $75.00
Stacked Laundry Installation Package
  • CAD $75.00