BIONATURE Ultra-concentrated neutral cleaner 800ml
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BIONATURE Ultra-concentrated neutral cleaner 800ml

Product Code: BIO-162

UPC Code: 060887001620


  • Its biotechnological component consists of microorganisms that attack grease, dirt and unpleasant odours

  • Ultra-concentrated formula for economical multi-purpose use

  • Powerful no-rinse degreaser, so it remains active even after application!

  • Neutral pH; safe for most surfaces

  • Phosphate free, NTA free, dye and formaldehyde freee


FORMAT: 800ml

It's biotechnology component consist of microorganisms that directly attack organic matter and proteins that cause grease, dirt and odors.Powerful concentrated degreasser, it remains active after cleaning helping daily cleaning.

The multi-purpose cleaner is ideal to use withoutrinsing the surfaces that require a neutral solution such as floors, walls, woodwork, linoleum, marble, tiles or any other greasy surfaces.

Use in hot or cold water

Mop cleaning, windows, mirrors, painted surfaces and woodwork: 1 part of product for 300 parts of water
All-purpose cleaner, floors, walls, ceilings, porcelain, shower tiles: 1 part of product for 150 parts of water
Aluminum, stainless steel, metal surfaces:  1 part of product for 100 parts of water
Leather & plastic armchairs, cold vinyl roofs:  1 part of product for 50 parts of water
Pens, markers, blood, fat:  AS IS 

Water, cleaning agents (vegetable source), biological extracts, natural extracts and/ or essentials oils
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