BIONATURE Bathroom and Ceramic cleaner in bulk
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BIONATURE Bathroom and Ceramic cleaner in bulk

Product Code: BIO195

UPC Code: BIO195


  • Certified non-toxic for the Biodegradable environment (according to OECD test No. 301D or equivalent)

  • Non-carcinogenic Phosphate free and NTA free

  • No colouring agents or fomaldehyde

  • Neutral pH


Its biotechnological component consists of microorganisms that directly attack organic matter and proteins that cause dirt and odours.

It removes soap scum, scale and mildew from all surfaces of your bathroom such as: bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, tiles, ceramic and counter.

An excellent option to replace your chemical and corrosive cleaners, it leaves a bright finish without toxic fumes. 

Use in hot or cold water. Apply the product generously directly to the surface to be cleaned. For stubborn stains, brush lightly and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse the surface with water. 

Mop cleaning, windows, mirrors, painted surfaces and woodwork: 1 part product to 300 parts water 
All-purpose cleaner, floors, walls, ceilings, shower tiles: 1 part product to 300 parts water 
All metals: 1 part product per 100 parts water 
All plastics: 1 part product to 50 parts water 
Ink, blood, grease, soap, make-up: Undiluted 

Water, organic extracts, natural extracts and/or essential oils. 

Price: $6.25/liter

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